Best Web Cameras For Mac 2022

Best Mac Webcams That Just Work

Looking to buy a driver-free, fully Macintosh compatible webcam? Have USB 2.0, 3.0 or USB-C ports? The external webcam models listed here are UVC - USB Video Class compliant. They're simply Plug and Play on modern Apple Macs running MacOS Montery, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and Sierra, as well as OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, and Leopard.

If your Mac came with USB 2.0 speed or faster ports, OSX 10.5+, and is faster than 1Ghz, you can confidently choose one of these Apple friendly driverless UVC web cams listed below and elsewhere on the site. We're devoted to tracking the Mac friendly web camera and video conferencing peripheral scene.

Plug-N-Play Mac Webcam Picks

Recommended UVC compliant external cams for OSX
Last Updated: March 30th, 2022

Best Logitech Web Cameras For Mac

Logitech's MacOS software support for additional camera settings makes them the best brand choice for most, but there are more companies than ever that provide additional OSX apps for their webcam products.

C922 Stream Pro w/Tripod Mount

Improved Frame Rates Up To 60FPS

#1 CHOICE : Mac Compatible 922x HD Webcam With Tripod Mount
Like: Revised C920-series optimized for high frame-rate live streaming: 1080p @ 30FPS and 720p @ 60FPS with H.264 video compression. Optical quality glass lens. Stereo Dual microphones.
Dislike: No major drawbacks.
For 90% of Mac users, this is your BEST CHOICE for high-quality video capture, conferencing and live streams. Besides Amazon, you can find competitive pricing for the C922 webcam on eBay as well.

Wide-Angle HD Camera

90 Degree Field Of View

#2 CHOICE : Premium Logitech C930e HD Webcam
Incredible Image Detail, Smooth Autofocus, H.264 Compression.
Like: Tripod Mount. Zeiss Optical Lens. Dual Microphones.
Dislike: You Might Not Prefer A 90 Degree Wide-Angle View.

Logitech C920S Cam

High Quality : Great Value

#3 CHOICE : Mac Compatible Logitech HD Webcam
Excellent detail and clarity, Hardware Autofocus, H.264 Compression
Like: Tripod Mounting Hole. Zeiss Glass Lens. Stereo Microphone. Privacy Shutter. Superceded by the newer C922, this remains an excellent camera - especially at it's lower street price.
Dislike: None. Excellent All-Around Choice - Razor Sharp.

Best Cheap Logi 720p HD Camera

High-Quality Fixed Focus Budget Choice

Like: Rightight(tm) Light Management. Decent Mic and Very Sharp Image For A Cheap Cam.
Dislike: No Webcam Tripod Mount.

Best Microsoft Webcams For Mac

Microsoft's support for the UVC web camera standard makes them plug and play on MacOS.

Microsoft HD Pro Webcam For Mac

Optical Lens w/AutoFocus

Like: Premium 1080p Resolution. Excellent Audio, Color Balance and Light Sensitivity.
Dislike: Flexi-Bend Clip May Not Be Ideal - But Has Standard Tripod Mounting Hole.

MS LifeCam HD For Mac

720p HD With AutoFocus

Like: Autofocus. Sharp Optical Glass Lens. Excellent Color Fidelity.
Dislike: No Tripod Mount. 720p Max Resolution HD Camera.

Best Creative Web Cameras For Mac

Creative Labs was the first company to broadly support the UVC webcam standard on the Mac. Creative exited the web camera market for a time, but has reentered with a low-cost new 1080p camera that works fine on MacOS.
Creative 1080p Live! Cam Sync

Tripod Mount / Privacy Cover

3rd-Party Apple Compatible Cameras

Although Logitech, Creative Labs, and Microsoft have dominated the OSX friendly videoconferencing cam market, several other brand-name cameras are worthy of consideration, especially if you have specific features and needs in mind, or you're on a budget.

ElGato Face Cam HD

1080p 60 FPS HD Video

Like: Very High quality Sony CMOS Sensor. Optical Glass Lens. Tripod Mount.
Dislike: Fixed Focus. No Built-In Microphone.

Hue Flexible Neck Webcam

Excellent For Adult Video Play

Like: Ultimate Positioning Freedom. Clear HD Image. Internal Mic.
Dislike: Manual Focus. LED Lights Can Be Annoying Head-On.

HP 1080p UVC Webcam

Dual Mic + Privacy Cover

Hewlett-Packard UVC Webcam

HP's Premium HD Camera

Like: 1080p Resolution. Autofocus. High-Quality Microphone.
Dislike: Snapshot Buttons Non-Functional on OSX. Excellent HD Cam.

RocketFish Mac HD Webcam

Autofocus + Stereo Microphones

Like: 720-1080P Resolution. Good Light Sensitivity and Color Balance.
Dislike: Discontinued. Snapshot Button Non-Functional.

1080p HD GearHead Webcam

Cheap 1080p Mac Webcam

Like: High HD Resolution. Auto-Focus. Stereo Mics.
Dislike: Lacks Precision Optics, Not As Sharp An Image.

About Driver-Free UVC Webcams

UVC is a compatibility standard for USB video chat cameras. Apple's UVC Kernel Extensions are built into MacOS Montery, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and Sierra, as well as OSX ElCapitan, Yosemitie, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard. That means any UVC compliant external USB camera should just work when plugged into a USB 2.0 speed or faster port. No additional webcam drivers are required. Windows, Linux, Andrioid, and Chrome OS also now natively support UVC class video cameras.

The cams listed here are ideal as an add-on webcam and microphone for an Apple Mac Studio, Mac mini or Pro tower. They can also provide iMac and MacBook users more flexibiity in camera placement and quality over their built-in iSight. They're also good cross-platform PC and Linux webcams for those who use VMWare Fusion, Parallels or Apple's BootCamp on their Macs to run other operating systems.

All recent Logitech webcam models are now UVC compliant and officially supported on a Mac. However, many older discontinued mid-to-low end Logitech cameras were not UVC compliant: Depends on model number, different internal sensors, and part numbers.

Dirt Cheap Generic UVC Mac Webcams

"You get what you pay for..." seems to apply to many dirt-cheap no-name import USB video class web cameras. Feeling lucky? Don't care about warranty or returning it? Then explore cheap webcams on eBay or Amazon for ought-to, should, might probably work on an Apple web camera options from China. In our testing, many of the cheap import cameras available for $10-$20 had high dead-on-arrival failure rates. Image quality varied widely. Some claimed to be High-Def "HD" but were only low-resolution camera sensors. Microphones sounded poor or were non-functional. Even some of the cams with a decent image simply stopped working soon after purchase. Overall they were poorly-constructed, cheap junk with a few rare exceptions.

Apple Compatible Web Cameras For Old Macs

For long obsolete Macs from the G4 thru G5 era, remember UVC compliant webcams require USB 2.0 or faster ports. With their slow CPUs, 640x480 SD resolution won't overwelm them. The Mac MUST also be running OSX 10.5+ at a minimum when Apple began including UVC device support into the OS.

Best Webcam For Old Macs

VGA QuickCam Ultra - 640x480 Fixed Focus

Webcams For Obsolete Macs?

Trying to keep an antique G3 Macintosh in use? Think FireWire instead. Modern high-resolution UVC cams simply WILL NOT WORK on old 800mhz or less Macs, who's slow and incompatible USB 1.x speed ports are 40 times slower than USB 2.0. Those that claim to be USB 1.1 compatible in their specification listings may have utterly abysmal frame-rates on USB 1.x or show NO image at all, even though Apple's System Profiler may show that the camera exists on the USB 1.1 bus. Otherwise you're left dinking around with any of hundreds of old, discontinued webcams made for Windows and fiddling with Macam open-source drivers hoping for a combination that will work.

You can still find decent, used Apple iSight cams aftermarket isight cam at Amazon or find a deal on an iSight on eBay. Sadly, Apple stopped manufacturing their very high-quality 1394 FireWire auto-focus web camera rather quickly.

Choosing An External Mac Compatible Web Cam

What are key features to look for when shopping for an Apple compatible webcam? Even though the vast majority of Apple computer systems incorporate an iSight camera into the display, there's still tremendous interest in buying an external Mac camera that offers improved image quality, higher frame rates, a better internal microphone, increased HD resolution, or additional flexibility in camera angles, mounting options, and positioning. Please see the Mac Webcam Shopping Guide on this site for a more in-depth review of camera features to look for when pondering the optimal hardware for your business or personal video capture, streaming and conferencing needs.

Video Conferencing Microphones & Headsets

Macs with a built-in microphone offer 'good enough' sound capture. But another option is a good quality Mac compatible USB webcam with a mic which most (but not all) webcams incorporate. A separate USB desktop microphone might be desired to provide the best sound quality to dramatically improve your online streaming, voice and video capture and recording sessions.

Headsets or earbuds can help you have a far better videoconferencing, FaceTime, Zoom or Mac Skype call experience and help minimize background noise, or echo and feedback. USB headsets may have more advantages than 4-Pole 1/8" TRRS Analog mini-jack types that often compete with your external speaker system. A high-quality Mac headset comes in handy for not only Mac VOIP, video conferences and Apple speech recognition, but top notch iTunes audio playback and Podcast recording and listening as well.

Specialty Webcams For MacOS

Beyond conventional chat, streaming and capture cams, this website also features more specialized Apple compatible web camera solutions. These include: Document Cameras for educators and presentations. Mac compatible USB Digital Microscopes for labwork and inspections. There are also both wired and wireless Security and Surveillance Cameras. Lastly, for group video chat we cover Mac friendly webcams that offer fully-featured voice and video conferencing with mic and speakerphone hardware for business meeting and huddle room environments.