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For many years, finding a Mac compatible web camera was hard to do. The lack of webcam standards and a lack of availability of webcam drivers for Mac OSX was the reason came into existence. Apple computers didn't have any sort of direct driver support for web cameras in OS9. It wasn't until the release of OSX 10.4.x that the operating system even included basic support for an emerging webcam standard called UVC.

The UVC - USB 2.0 Video Class webcam specification has been a godsend in the years since. Not just for Apple computer users wanting easy, plug and play web cam support, but for Linux and Windows PC users as well. The need for manufacturers to write specific webcam drivers for each camera hardware type and operating system was greatly reduced as built-in low-level webcam driver support was now included in OSX, Linux and Windows Vista and beyond. It's also taken a few years as webcam makers started - somewhat slowly - incorporating UVC compliant hardware into their web cameras.

A UVC becomes the de-facto standard for Windows, Linux and Mac compatible webcams, the real challenge is choosing the best webcam for your Macintosh, depending on your needs or budget. Whether you're looking for a dirt cheap webcam to a high-end HD web camera for OSX there's a growing number of cameras available for videoconferencing or Skype, video capture for YouTube and video sharing websites, online chat with FaceTime, iChat, or on FaceBook.