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Best Genius Webcams For Mac

Computer peripheral maker Genius manufactures a wide variety of USB 2.0 web cameras. More recent Genuis web camera models are UVC compliant and Mac compatible - without having to install any driver software.

Mac Compatible Genius HD Webcam

120-Degree Wide-Angle Image

Of note the Mac friendly Genius WideCam 100F, as the model name implies, features a really wide-angle field of view ideal for group video conference rooms or wide area security monitoring. It supports 1080p HD webcam resolution and hast stereo built-in microphones.

HD Conferencing Webcam For Mac

Creative Lab's Live Cam inPerson HD webcam delivers Skype Certified wide-screen HD 720p Video Conferencing with onboard hardware H.264 processing to reduce the CPU demands on your system. You can enjoy headset-free video chat with it's noise canceling array of four built-in microphones that delivers clear voice reproduction and eliminates ambient room noises for exceptional audio clarity.

Creative LiveCam InPerson HD

Quad Microphone Array

H.264 video compression built-into the web camera's hardware is something we'll be seeing more of in future models of Mac compatible webcams.

Creative specs for the InPerson HD state Mac OSX Leopard 10.5+, Snow Leopard or OSX Lion. As with many cross-platform compatible webcams, the bundled software is Windows only, but base functionality is assured thanks to it's UVC - USB 2.0 Video Class compliance. Keep in mind - HD video resolutions require fast dual-core Intel CPUs and online HD chat - and also REQUIRES a high-bandwidth internet connection to deliver good frame-rates in 720p HD modes.