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Best Creative Webcams For Mac

Surprisingly, Creative Labs was one of the first computer peripheral makers to begin aggressive adoption of the Mac compatible, driver-free UVC webcam standard. Though largely a Windows-focused accessory manufacturer, some of it's early Creative Optima series cameras did in fact work on a Mac. Historically, Creative Labs was very good about clearly stating which of its cameras are supported on Mac OSX and identifying UVC compliance on it's packaging.

Creative Mac HD Webcam

Fixed Focus 720p HD Webcam

Three webcams users might aim for in the Creative webcam for Mac lineup start in the midrange with it's Live! Cam Socialize HD cam. It's support for 720p HD on dual core Intel Macs delivers decent color fidelity and low-light sensitivity and still delivers decent frame rates even in HD mode.

Creative 720p Mac HD Webcam

AutoFocus Lens

At the high-end, the 1080p and 720p models of Creative's LiveCam Connect series are their best Mac compatible HD webcams, and worthy rivals to the top Logitech webcams that were available.