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Huddle! Logitech Group Conference Web Camera For Mac

Mac Compatible Logitech Conference Camera
With the introduction of the Apple-friendly Logitech ConferenceCam Connect, Mac OSX users will get an opportunity to experience the latest innovations in group video conferencing technology that even small businesses can afford.

Whether you use it personally at home with Skype for OSX, or in a company with Microsoft Lync collaboration, it's portability and PTZ - Pan / Tilt / Zoom functionality makes it ready for any collaboration environment.

ConferenceCam Connect

New Logitech Group Cam

The 1-piece ConferenceCam Connect is highly portable: All you need is a MacBook and a Wi-Fi connection to collaborate anywhere. Housed in a compact, tubular body it incorporates both a razor-sharp 1080p HD web camera with a wide, 90 degree field of view and optical quality Carl Zeiss glass lens in the upper section. It's camera supports H.264 video compression and is UVC 1.5 compliant with SVC - Scalable Video Compression to automatically negotiate the highest quality image and frame rates when available bandwidth allows it.

For audio, an omnidirectional full-duplex speakerphone with multiple noise-canceling microphones are both front and rear in the lower part of the base. A remote control for digital zoom, pan & tilt of the webcam image also features buttons for volume, mute and call control. The remote snaps smartly into the camera assembly, protecting the lens for storage and transport. NFC pairing and Bluetooth 4.0 support allows Apple iGadget and cell-phone users participating in a voice conference as well. The unit can operate for up to 4 hours on it's internal LiOn battery, or be powered / charged via the included AC adapter - or via USB as well.

It also has an HDMI video out port to display your conference on a meeting room display or projector. Direct Wi-Fi video transmission using MiraCast technology is supported on a Windows PC, but sadly not available on the Mac at this time. (MiraCast is similar to Apple's competing AirPlay standard.)

The next-generation ConferenceCam Connect hits a price-point above the very affordable Conference Cam BCC950 - which is great for individuals and sole-proprietors wanting an all-in-one remote-controlled zoom, pan and tilt camera and speakerphone solution for several participants at a street price around $200 USD.

In the corporate business-class ConferenceCam C3000e - Logitech delivers a complete, multi-piece hardware solution with a high-end mechanically controlled camera, speakerphone and webcam control base, remote, power and wiring hub for larger groups of 6 or more participants. The C3300e's pricing well-under $1000 USD sent shockwaves through many corporate videoconferencing competitor's spines: Suddenly, the proprietary $10K plus meeting room solutions just weren't that appealing anymore once Logitech entered the scene.

With a manufacturer's suggested list price of $499, the new ConferenceCam Connect strikes a midpoint in affordability while offering a complete re-think and some very awesome next-generation innovations. Portable, compact and elegant, it's optional battery-power will let you dash with your MacBook and camera in tow to the next meeting. You can have an on-the-spot video conference anywhere there's WiFi access and a laptop computer available.

Kudos to the Logitech For Business division for taking voice and video conferencing to a new level - and for keeping Apple users in mind!