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All-in-One Multi-Function Combo Webcams For MacOS

All In 1 Combo Mac Webcam With Speaker Microphone Ring Light
A known trend in the Macintosh compatible webcam scene is that for every innovative, premium quality camera brought to market, it's design concept is copied and a cheaper knock off version arrives by the boat-loads from China. So too with the high-quality, multi-function AnkerWork B600 USB-C Video Bar webcam that pushes state of the art technology to the heavens versus it's low-cost wanna-be competitor, the Zechin Studio USB-C all-in-one combo webcam.

The cheap Zechin C93 5-in-1 USB-C web camera for Mac offers a similar feature set to the premium Anker Video Bar C600 Mac compatible all-in-one USB-C web cam but skimps in all it's specifications. Zechin has just a 2 instead of 4 microphone array. The cam has no AI hardware auto-tracking feature. There's only a single internal speaker driver instead of two. It's LED light bar doesn't offer color temperature control and only offers 3 hard-programmed light levels. While the hardware is fully Mac compatible, the C93 lacks any MacOS webcam settings and control app like Anker provides.

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Cheap Zechin Studio 5-in-1 USB-C Speaker Webcam

Selfie Light, Speaker, Mic, Cam, Privacy Shutter

Looks can be deceiving as you glance at these two combo webcams. But under the hood is a different matter. Anker offers a better, deeper feature set. It supports hardware AI auto-tracking to keep you center frame even if you move to the side. It has very high-quality stereo side-firing speakers for superior sound. It's LED key light - which also flips down as a privacy shutter - has adjustable color temps as well as the brightness control.

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Premium Anker All-in-One USB-C Webcam For Mac

Microphone + Stereo Speakers + LED Key Light
Mac OSX Webcam Control App Available

The high-speed Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on all recent MacBooks, the Mac Pro, Mac Studio, iMac and Mac mini make them ideal computers for UltraHD video capture and online streaming at high frame-rates. This next generation of uncompressed 1080p+ Hi-Def camera data streams prefer USB 3.x port bandwidth that an entire generation of USB 2.0 HD webcams prior didn't need.

Check out YouTube for some excellent video reviews of both of these combo web cameras.I know which one I'm going to be saving my pennies for...

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New! Webcams With Speakers Compatible With MacOS

Combo Mac Webcam With Speakers
A new range of Apple compatible combo web cameras with built-in speakers are hitting the market. In addition to built in microphones, they may have other additional features such as built in lighting, and/or webcam privacy shutters. Speaker webcams for Mac Studio, Mac Pro, or Mac mini desktops might be a perfect investment to add much needed audio and video capabilities to your Macintosh with one simple, smart purchase.

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar Conference Camera

Built-in Stereo Speakers, 4-Mic Array, Light Bar

• The Ankerwork B600 Videobar combines cam, speakers, microphone & lighting into the web camera.
• 4-microphone array on this video conferencing camera minimizes background noise.
USB-C webcam Interface for direct connection to modern Mac computers.
• Touch sensors for lighting adjustments and microphone mute.
• High-definition and low-distortion dual side-firing speakers. 2 Watts of spatial stereo sound.
• Professional quality, 2K HD resolution with true-to-life accurate color.
• AnkerWork webcam control software for OSX download at their website.

Mini Conferencing Speakerphone Webcam

Speaker, Microphone Array and 1080p HD Camera

Mac compatible combo webcams with peakers aren't unusual in higher-end group conferencing cameras for businesses. Here's some more affordable MacOS friendly, driver-free UVC compliant camera options for consumers that deliver both sound and video in a single device. Above is a cheaper alternative to Logi's ConferenceCam Connect. Below there's a cheap Mac compatible webcam with built-in stereo speakers.

ProVision ISR Speaker Webcam

Built-In Speakers, Mic, Privacy Shutter

And here's another stylish all-in-one mulfi-function combo speaker webcam for MacOS users on a budget.

Aluratek Speaker Mic Webcam For Mac

Stereo Speakers : 90 Degree FOV : Tripod Mount

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Mac Compatible Selfie Ring Light Web Cameras

A new category of webcams featuring an integrated ring light are hitting the market. The first, the Razer Kiyo ringlight webcam, had some initial audio problems with it's built-in microphone, making it a suboptimal choice for MacOS users. However, there's now some competition in Apple compatible web camera's with selfie lights built-in such as these cheaper ones from more generic webcam manufacturers: Check out the Anker B600 combo Mac USB-C webcam with stereo speakers, quad microphones, LED light bar and 1080p 2K camera is an excellent choice for Mac mini or the new M1 Mac Studio desktop computers. But if that's too rich for your budget, consider the knock-off Zechin Studio USB-C all-in-one combo webcam or one of the very affordable LED ringlight cams below.

Mac Friendly Web Camera With Ring-Light Built-In

Webcam With 3 Adjustable Light Brightness Settings

Below, a touch sensitive button on the front of the webcam's face adjusts between 3 brightness levels for the ringlight feature for optimal lighting levels for your selfie stills or video capture. It's location may not be ideal though as touching the camera head to adjust brightness can all too easily bump it out of alignment.

Spedal RingLight Webcam

3-Level Brightness Touch Control
Apple App Store Webcam Download Available

Note these OSX 10.6+ compatible1080p HD autofocus webcams include a built-in microphones, H.264 video compression and a standard thread tripod camera mount hole in the clip base for those who'd prefer the stability and positioning control tripods can give you.