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MacAlly has been around a long time. As a manufacturer of Apple-specific computer accessories for many years - they offered one of the first Mac compatible webcams back in the OS9 era, the USB 1.1 IceCam. It was horribly blurry and low-resolution, webcam driver support was flakey, and few programs and webcam chat applications existed to take advantage of it.

With the release of OSX - MacAlly was one of the first with a truly driver-free UVC webcam for Mac - the IceCam2. It's still widely available and dirt cheap. Just plug it into a USB 2.0 speed port and nearly all Mac video programs can recognize its presence. Unfortunately, the IceCam2 is also a VERY LOW-QUALITY webcam.

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You Get What You Pay For…

Cheap optics, a harsh and hollow sounding built-in microphone, and rather blue-greenish color problems make this a rather mediocre choice for a good Mac video chat experience. However, because it is a lower-resolution 1.3MP VGA camera - it is less demanding of CPU resources and more suitable for older, now obsolete USB 2.0 Macs with G4 and G5 processors that just can't handle the CPU demands of modern, higher-res HD cameras.

AVOID THE NEWER MODEL: The MacAlly MegaCam HD. HORRIBLE, SLUGGISH FRAME RATES in any Mac OSX video chat program I tested it with. The completely redesigned MegaCam is a 2-MegaPixel 720p high-definition PC and Mac compatible HD web camera with a built-in microphone that seems 'stuck' in maximum resolution HD mode. Unless you have a Quad-Core 3Ghz+ Mac AVOID this camera! MacAlly should stop selling this cam and go back to the drawing board because the MegaCam a flawed product that is not suitiable for most Mac systems. Horrible, horrible frame-rates - and seems unable to switch to 320x240 or 640x480 video modes that MOST Mac video chat programs use.