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Best RocketFish Webcams For Mac

2nd-Tier webcam manufacturers tend to play Follow The Leader and often mimic and clone their look-alike version of other makers premium webcams. Like GearHead, Rocket Fish is offering their HD webcam offering to counter Logitech’s C910 and C920 with a knock-off HD webcam of their own.

Mac Compatible HD Webcam

Autofocus + Stereo Microphones

Offering dual microphones for stereo audio, 720p and 1080p resolutions and autofocus, this Mac compatible HD web camera currently lists at around $39, about half of Logitech’s price. In my testing the RocketFish HD performed quite well, good light sensitivity and color saturation, reasonable image clarity and smooth autofocus - although like too many webcams is a bit slow to respond to changes, about a 1-2 second lag in my estimation.

What you DON’T get from RocketFish at this price is the clarity and world-class optical glass Zeiss lens that makes high-end Logitech cams so spectacular in detail, or the exceptionally fast and fluid autofocus that outperforms all others.

Cheap Mac Webcam

720p HD Webcam w/Mic

Want and even lower-cost external Mac web cam? This cheap 720p RocketFish HD webcam for Mac or PC can usually be had for around $20. Includes a built-in microphone and autofocus: