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Pro Mac Webcam With Built-In Ring Light

Shopping for a Mac compatible webcam with built-in right light and more? Marantz is shipping a unique all-in-one professional web camera and microphone solution that also includes dimmable LED ring lighting, onboard audio and video controls, as well as a built-in USB 3.0 hub for additional devices.

Mac Compatible Ring Light Webcam With Mic

Marantz Pro Video & Audio Broadcasting Solution

For those into serious online voice and video conferencing, Skype, streaming, broadcasting, recording and more; the Marantz Turret Pro broadcast system is a unique Mac compatible peripheral that can consolidate much of your Apple computer AV setup into a single device. An autofocus 1080p driver-free UVC compliant web camera assures instant Mac OSX compatibility and is surrounded by a dimmable ring light. Snap-on filters are included for tweaking the ringlight's 3000K-7000K color temperature range to your liking.

On the audio front, the Marantz Turret broadcaster for Mac also incorporates a high-quality polar-pattern condenser microphone with pop filter. There are onboard controls to activate, mute, and control mic gain. A 1/8"/3.5mm amplified audio out jack for headphones assures realtime monitoring.

The webcam ring light microphone device houses a native Type-C USB-C connection, making it one of the few Mac webcams (like the 4K Logitech Brio) that offers the option of direct USB-C to USB-C connectivity for modern MacBooks, iMacs and Mac minis with Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. But it also works on older Mac's with conventional USB ports. There's also two conventional rectangular USB 3.0 Type-A ports integrated into the web camera's base to use as a hub for your other desktop gadgets.

Super High-Resolution Ultra 2K HD Webcams For Mac OS

As we've seen in the digital camera market, image and sensor resolutions have steadily increased, delivering ever-more detailed pictures at lower costs. In the Apple compatible webcam space we're starting to web cameras moving beyond 720p and 1080p HD into Full and 'Ultra High Definition' - UHD resolutions.

We first saw high-end 4K UHD webcams hit the market with the Logitech Brio personal webcam and Meet-Up group conferencing cam with 4096 x 2160 max resolution. Somewhere in-between, we're seeing some cheap 2K webcams that work on Mac OSX with somewhat less demanding system requirements filling the technology gap. In some ways, the 2K video specification was/is just a stopgap tradeoff from 1080p to the clearly established 4K and 5K future.

Low-Cost 2K HD Webcam For MacOS

2048 x 1536p Resolution with H.264 Video Compression

Web cameras - when capturing or streaming in Super Full and UHD modes puts more stress on your Apple laptop or desktop CPU, eat more disk space, and require a very fast, high-bandwidth internet connection for streaming. True 4K requires a USB 3.0/3.1 speed port to even function in 4K mode - but the cameras featured here can run okay on a USB 2.0 speed port like most 720p and 1080p webcams can.

Full HD 2K Webcam For Mac

Up to 2048 x 1536 Resolution Modes

Onboard H.264 video compression in HD web cameras helps reduce the data bandwidth while preserving optimal image quality. Once only featured in select, premium Mac compatible HD webcams, in the UHD era, H.264 compression is showing up on even lower-cost 2nd-tier cameras from China as shown above.

Wide-Angle Logitech Meetup 4K Webcam For MacOS

Shopping for a business-class group conferencing solution that's Mac friendly? Logitech's MacOS compatible wide-angle Ultra-HD 4K web camera raises the bar for group voice and video conferencing. With a 120 degree FOV - Field Of View and Pan / Tilt / Zoom controls you can capture entire conference and huddle rooms with ease.

Ultra High Resolution 4K Conference Camera

Huddle-Room Voice and Video Conferencing

Ultra Wide Angle Webcam Field Of View

With a 120 degree Field-Of-View, the MeetUp wide-angle web camera is unusual in that respect, designed to incorporate as much of a conference room space as possible. Common webcams are typically in the 70 degree range. Other recent group conferencing cams have typically offered a 90 degree FOV.

Meetup Conference Camera Mac Requirements

The 4K MeetUp ConferenceCam aims to deliver a complete and compact voice and video meeting solution that offers 720p, 1080p and 4K camera resolution options. 4K Ultra-HD mode requires software that supports such high resolution and a USB 3.o or 3.1 port on the host computer to handle the extra data. Remember as you move from 720p to 1080p to 2160p - the image size DOUBLES in BOTH horizontal and vertical directions. So each increment in resolution is FOUR times more pixels for your Mac and it's USB port to deal with. 720p & 1080p webcams work fine on USB 2.0 ports but 2160p needs USB 3.x. Logitech also states 2.4GHz as the minimum CPU speed on your Mac. OSX Yosemite 10.10 is the minimum up through El Capitan and MacOS Sierra and Mojave.

Remote Conference Cam Control Via Remote Or IOS

The camera itself features full PTZ control: Mechanical Pan and Tilt, with up to 5z Zoom. A handheld RF remote controls all camera, audio and call management functions. An available iOS app replicates the remote's functionality and buttons so you can optionally use an iPhone or iPad as the remote control. The MeetUp conferencing camera also supports Bluetooth for call-in access to join a conference via cellphone.

High-End Video And Audio Conferencing

The MeetUp's audio system incorporates an optimized full-range speaker driver tuned to avoid clipping and help suppress echo. 3 beam-forming microphone elements with digital signal processing automatically pinpoint the person actively speaking. The MeetUp also supports a secondary table top microphone for larger conference table coverage. The camera itself listens in an 8 foot range, the optional mic extends that to 14 feet. The external microphone may be bundled along with the webcam, or available as a separate add-on accessory with an MSRP of $199.

How To Improve Your Mac Webcam Image And Frame-Rates With Better Lighting

Good Webcam Lighting Setup
For many Mac webcam users, improving the LIGHTING of your setup may be the single-most effective thing you can do to have a better video conferencing experience. Yes, there are several Mac webcam apps that can help _compensate_ for sub-optimal lighting. However, correcting your lighting setup from the get-go can make using webcam software tweaks unnecessary.

Inadequate Light: Insufficient lighting is the number one cause of poor, noisy and grainy image quality. It also leads to lower frame-rates and sluggish response as the webcam's electronic shutter operates more slowly to allow more light photons to hit the sensor before refreshing the frame. Adding a secondary, or sometimes third light source near your computer can make a world of difference.

Webcam Gooseneck Tripod With Ring Light

Adjustable Light Color Temperatures And Brightness

Color Temps: Inaccurate webcam image color is greatly affected by the TYPE of lighting sources you choose. Incandescent and halogen lamps give off very warm and reddish wavelengths. Blue-ish LED or Fluorescent light sources may cause your webcam's image (and your skin-tones) to be more greenish or purplish. By using different types of lighting sources together, you can achieve better video color fidelity, especially during nighttime use when ambient, natural sunlight in the room isn't available.

Multiple Light Sources: Use multiple ring lights or lamps, such as one directly in front (Key Lighting), and one or more to the side (Fill Lighting) to help minimize unwanted shadows. Some new Apple compatible webcams include a built-in ring light.

Mac Friendly Web Camera With Ring-Light Built-In

Webcam With 3 Adjustable Brightness Settings

Brightness Levels: Using dimmers, or incandescent lamps with 3-Way bulbs can be one way of being able to quickly fine-tune lighting levels. Shades and diffusers can prevent direct lighting glare and 'blowout' of the lightest areas of the web camera's image. Bouncing lights off a ceiling or wall can help improve overall ambient lighting levels at nighttime.

Ambient Lighting: Lastly, during daylight be aware of natural light sources like windows. Passing clouds on a sunny day can radically change room light levels quickly. Ideally, you don't want a sunny window of any sort directly behind you in the webcam's field of view. The camera will likely darken your image in the foreground and adapt to the background light levels instead. Backlighting should NOT be the primary source of lighting.