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External Mac Webcam Buying Trends : Down But Not Out

webcam-for-mac-interestA quick peek at Google Trends shows a slow but steadily declining interest in external Mac compatible web camera hardware. Market demand for Apple friendly webcams peaked in 2007-2009 as online chat and video capture (especially for YouTube uploads) was on a massive upswing. Other factors however are lowering overall demand for external USB webcams, so expect some consolidation in the marketplace moving forward:
  • The trend towards handheld computing devices
  • Incorporation of video recording cameras into cell phones and tablets
  • Apple iMac's and MacBook's shipping with built-in iSight cams
  • Market saturation since USB webcams have a long service lifespan
  • Shrinking demand in general for desktop computing peripherals
That's not to say there still isn't a healthy interest. Web camera's remain in the Top-10 of most in-demand computer peripherals. In particular, the trend towards higher-quality 720p and 1080p HD cameras have spurred a new buying cycle as Mac users sought to upgrade to high-definition and wide-screen video formats. There's also a compelling and ever-growing market for high-end group videoconferencing cams. They've enabled businesses to save a fortune on travel expenses and conduct multi-party video chats with premium conferencing cameras ideal for local and remote collaboration. Apple Internet marketers are leveraging Mac video marketing strategies keeping demand for high-quality webcams going strong.

Logitech remains the Go-To brand for a high-quality web camera for Mac OSX users - at a wide range of price points. Sadly, Creative Labs seems to be phasing-out of the webcam scene - and focusing on their primary market: Premium audio solutions, speakers and headsets. Ipevo continues to deliver exceptional document cameras for the business and education markets. And the industrial camera and laboratory microscope scene is clearly moving in a digital direction. Rising interest in Apple compatible wireless security, monitoring and surveiilence cams is seriously bucking the trend both on Mac OS and iOS platforms.

Of course at the low-end, China has mountains of cheap UVC-compliant USB web cameras for the low-end consumer market. It's slugging it out with mediocre webcams largely in the $10-20 range for budget-conscious buyers with lean wallets and low expectations.