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Logitech Webcam Capture App for MacOS

Mac Logitech Webcam Capture Software
Logitech released a webcam settings and capture app for MacOS called 'Logitech Capture'. It's predecessor is 'Logitech Camera Settings' for OSX is still available for download from it's support site. Capture was one of their more ambitious efforts to support an increasingly broader range of capture and streaming features for it's more recent Mac compatible pro and streaming webcams on the Apple platform. Moving forward, Logitech Capture software development has ended. Existing versions that work up to MacOS Big Sur can still be downloaded, but will not be updated for MacOS Montery and beyond!

All future webcam device control is being integrated into their new MacOS "G Hub" app for consumers, and into the "Tune" app for their business conferencing products. Visit their support page to download the new capture and webcam settings app appropriate to your specific hardware.

Currently Supported Logi Webcams On Mac OSX:

Capture App Quick Feature Hitlist:
Muti-Camera Support. Picture In Picture. Text Overlays, Frames, Effects, Camera Adjustments, Chroma-Key and more.

Apple System/Hardware Requirements:
MacOS 10.14+ (Mojave / Catalina). Computer hardware recommendations are rather stiff: Higher powered Intel i5/i7 CPUs - Generally Mac's made 2017 and thereafter. It's unknown how well (or if) the webcam app runs on older MacOS versions, or on slower Macs.

Logi Capture Software Mac Download:
You can find more info about the Mac webcam application and Logitech Capture app's features - as well as links to download here. If you own other models of their cameras you can always download and try it to see if it will work with your particular Logi webcam model.