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Best Logitech Webcams For Mac

Like Apple - Logitech is a premium technology company that has a long tradition of designing and engineering stuff better than many of their peers. And as the leading webcam manufacturer, they're always the one to beat. Not all Logitech webcams are stellar performers. At the low-budget end, their 'budget' cams scrimp with low-end OEM components that other cheap webcams may use. So look to the mid-range to high-end models for a Mac webcam you can enjoy for years to come.

Macintosh compatibility, marketing and support were a weak point for many years. In the early days, a few of their webcams were in fact Mac compatible, but they didn't advertise, market as such, nor provide technical support. That changed when the Apple Stores first opened and a supposed 'Special Edition' model of the 1.3MP QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcam was packaged for Apple retail.

Logitech webcam support more officially debuted with the now discontinued, but still available Quickcam Vision Pro for Mac Webcam which offered not only UVC Mac compatibility, but HARDWARE auto-focus, RightLight2 technology, and world-class Carl Zeiss glass lens optics. It may have looked like a QuickCam 9000 for PC's on he outside, but had different internal hardware. Unlike the QC 9000 it didn't rely on (Windows ONLY) software for autofocus and light management.

The Vision Pro was replaced last year with the best Mac compatible webcam made to date: ThePC and Mac Compatible C910 HD webcam. The color fidelity, light sensitivity and mind-blowing carity and detail sets the standard for all web cams from here on out.

C910 HD Pro Webcam

Stereo Mic + Zeiss Lens

Recently, a slightly more affordable Apple friendly webcam model with similar qualities with a Non-Zeiss glass lens - the Logitech C615 Mac Autofocus Webcam was added to Logitech's Mac webcam page as having 'official' Mac support.

The reality is that other lower-end Logitech web cameras will work on a Mac. For instance, tests of a plastic lens C510 worked in all Mac chat apps and had good sound fidelity and an image quality basically comparable to the built-in iSight of my 2 year old MacBook Pro.