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Best Document Webcams For Mac OSX

A specialized but very important niche in the Mac compatible webcam marketplace is one for document cameras. They're widely used by educators in classroom environments and presentation professionals at meetings.

Easily take and review snapshots, then send them directly to your Evernote notebook.
In the above video clip - iPevo demonstrates their document webcam’s software integration with EverNote to grab and subsequently share your captured images with others.

iPevo V4K Ultra HD Document Cam

Mac Compatible With Integrated Webcam Stand

iPevo Point2View Cam

Manual and AutoFocus Control

iPevo offers two document cameras for Mac OSX with its Ziggi and manual and auto-focus Point2View webcams - along with camera mounting stands and specialized webcam snapshot software for Mac OSX to help you get picture-perfect images to share of small objects and documents during live presentations on a videoconference - or for later use.

Cheap Mac Document Cameras

For those on a constrained budget, here's a pair of versatile UVC compliant document webcams that work with either Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. Their flexible gooseneck mount makes it easy to position the camera head over your documents or objects easily.

HueHD Gooseneck Doc Cam

Manual Focus Lens w/Mic

Cheap Document Webcam

Adjustable LED Lighting

For under $50 USD, either of these are an affordable way for Apple users to image your documents - or even use as a general purpose webcam for your online video conferencing sessions.