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Tripods For Mac Webcams With Standard Camera Mount Holes

Shopping for a Mac webcam tripod? A few select Mac friendly webcam models feature a standard 1/4" - 20 thread camera tripod mount. Most notably, Microsoft's premium webcam, the LifeCam Studio Pro offers one. There's also several of Logitech's high-end cameras including the portable C615, the top-selling C920 and C922X models, and the wide-angle C930e. All include a 1/4" tripod camera mount option located in the base of their clip.

There's basically 4 types of webcam tripods available:
1. Desk clamp tripods with armature or gooseneck extensions.
2. Full-size free-standing professional tripods for conferencing or staged scenes.
3. Desktop mini-tripods for close-ups and convenience.
4. Wall mount web camera arm brackets.

Scissor-Arm Webcam Boom

Desktop C-Clamp Mount

Desktop Clamp Webcam Flexi-Neck Tripod

Clip-On 27 Inch Gooseneck Webcam Mount

Mini Flexible Webcam Tripod

12" Height : Bendable Legs

The benefits of buying an external Mac webcam with tripod mounting hole are twofold: Image stability and precision positioning. Most Apple compatible web cameras have flimsy if somewhat usable flip-clips that all too often largely rely on gravity to cling precariously onto a computer monitor or MacBook laptop's screen. With a real tripod you can assure stable, fixed positioning that may be critical for scene continuity and a vibration-free razor sharp image during Skype sessions, stop-motion animation grabs or YouTube video capture sessions.