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Best Mac Compatible Wireless Lab & Inspection Microscopes

wireless mac compatible microscope
Shopping for the best Mac compatible wireless microscope for business or hobby use? Here's some recommended inspection and lab scopes to consider. These Wi-Fi scopes even work with an iPad tablet or iPhone running iOS. They're ideal for environments and scenarios where a wired Mac USB digital microscope isn't desired or practical. Here's two Apple compatible wireless microscopes to consider; one is a more traditional slide biology lab scope and the other is for parts inspection.

Wireless Mac Digital Biology Lab Scope

Lens Kit For 50x-2000x Magnification

For mechanical and electrical parts inspection, here's the best Apple compatible wireless inspection microscope for under $50 USD.

iOS & Mac WiFi Inspection Scope

1000x Macnification : Adjustable LED Lighting

Both of the above wireless digital microscopes for MacOS are surprisingly affordable, even for casual hobbyist or educational use.

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All-in-One Multi-Function Combo Webcams For MacOS

All In 1 Combo Mac Webcam With Speaker Microphone Ring Light
A known trend in the Macintosh compatible webcam scene is that for every innovative, premium quality camera brought to market, it's design concept is copied and a cheaper knock off version arrives by the boat-loads from China. So too with the high-quality, multi-function AnkerWork B600 USB-C Video Bar webcam that pushes state of the art technology to the heavens versus it's low-cost wanna-be competitor, the Zechin Studio USB-C all-in-one combo webcam.

The cheap Zechin C93 5-in-1 USB-C web camera for Mac offers a similar feature set to the premium Anker Video Bar C600 Mac compatible all-in-one USB-C web cam but skimps in all it's specifications. Zechin has just a 2 instead of 4 microphone array. The cam has no AI hardware auto-tracking feature. There's only a single internal speaker driver instead of two. It's LED light bar doesn't offer color temperature control and only offers 3 hard-programmed light levels. While the hardware is fully Mac compatible, the C93 lacks any MacOS webcam settings and control app like Anker provides.

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Cheap Zechin Studio 5-in-1 USB-C Speaker Webcam

Selfie Light, Speaker, Mic, Cam, Privacy Shutter

Looks can be deceiving as you glance at these two combo webcams. But under the hood is a different matter. Anker offers a better, deeper feature set. It supports hardware AI auto-tracking to keep you center frame even if you move to the side. It has very high-quality stereo side-firing speakers for superior sound. It's LED key light - which also flips down as a privacy shutter - has adjustable color temps as well as the brightness control.

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Premium Anker All-in-One USB-C Webcam For Mac

Microphone + Stereo Speakers + LED Key Light
Mac OSX Webcam Control App Available

The high-speed Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on all recent MacBooks, the Mac Pro, Mac Studio, iMac and Mac mini make them ideal computers for UltraHD video capture and online streaming at high frame-rates. This next generation of uncompressed 1080p+ Hi-Def camera data streams prefer USB 3.x port bandwidth that an entire generation of USB 2.0 HD webcams prior didn't need.

Check out YouTube for some excellent video reviews of both of these combo web cameras.I know which one I'm going to be saving my pennies for...

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Ultimate HD Webcam Choices For Mac Studio Conferencing

Mac Studio Webcam Video Conferencing
Want the best Mac compatible HD webcam for your M1 Mac Studio computer video conferencing setup? You splurged for a high performance computer, not the M1 Mac mini. You're a power user and not a putzer. This isn't the time to buy a cheap knock-off import webcam. There's a handful of truly excellent Mac Studio compatible webcam options you won't regret pondering and incorporating into your audio and video workflow. Bare-bone Macintosh desktop systems need a HD webcam and a microphone at a minimum. Some of these combo webcams deliver even more needed features not built into the Studio, like stereo speakers and/or integrated webcam lighting.

Professional Choice: The Logi ConferenceCam Connect Speakerphone gives you a pan tilt and zoom HD webcam, noise cancelling microphones and a hi-quality built in USB speaker for voice and music.

Mac Compatible ConferenceCam Connect

With Bluetooth Audio and HDMI Video Display Support

Consolidated Choice: Anker Video Bar 1080p Combo Webcam with built-in stereo speakers, adjustable LED light bar and quad microphone array, all using native USB-C connectivity. A downloadable MacOS control app for light bar and webcam settings management proves their commitment to supporting Apple users.

Ultimate All-in-One Mac Studio USB-C Web Camera?

Stereo Speakers, 4 x Microphones, Light Bar

Stylish Choice: The sleek brushed metal of Lumina's 4K Ultra-HD USB-C webcam with stereo mics leaves black plastic in the dust with understated elegance.

Lumina 4K Mac Compatible USB-C Webcam

AI Auto-Framing : MacOS Control App Available

Best Cheap Solution: Logi's C922 Stream Pro is their well-deserved #1 seller. Excellent frame-rates, sparkling image quality and clear sound for a trifle.

Best-Selling HD Cam For Mac

1080p HD H.264 High Frame Rates

All the above webcams have Mac OS apps to control and maximize the camera's features. Logitech webcams are generally well supported under MacOS and are the safest brand to choose. But even Logitech struggles with their cameras and webcam settings and capture apps working with endless MacOS revisions, the switch from 32 to 64 bit, the switch from Intel CPU's to Apple's M1 chips... there have been glitches along the way.

1080p HD Wireless Mac Webcam From Logi

WiFi Web Camera for Mac or iOS
At long last, Logitech has come up with a modern Apple compatible wireless web camera that will likely be hugely popular with live streamers, broadcasters and content creators. Up to 3 of Logi's Mevo Start battery-powered WiFi HD cameras can work together and be automatically or manually switched on the fly to create compelling content for live streams to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and more.

Wireless Webcam For Mac OSX and iOS - Logi Mevo Start

Mac Webcam Streaming Over Wi-Fi or iOS Over Cellular

Just connect to local home or office WiFi network and the MacOS or iOS apps will discover available Mevo cameras on the network. If you don't have a local Wi-Fi network, you can connect your Mevo camera to the Mevo app through the camera's access point (AP) mode, then stream over your mobile device's 4G-LTE connection. Be sure to have an UNLIMITED cellular data plan or gawd, you'll regret it!

With Intel Macs, the Mevo Start can also function as a directly wired Mac compatible USB webcam Sadly, support for direct USB webcam use on new M1 series Macs is still a work in progress. However both types of Mac CPU's work over WiFi. Once the M1 compatibility issues are worked out, this may very well become the most powerful, versatile and best wireless webcam for Apple solution ever seen.

For iOS apps to control the Mevo Start, search the Apple App store. The Mac OSX apps for the Mevo cam are available at the website.

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Best Webcam for Mac Mini with Microphone : Two in One

Web Camera For Mac mini
Shopping for the best webcam with mic for your Mac mini desktop? The Apple computer user most likely to buy a 3rd party external webcam is the Apple Mac mini user, followed by a Mac Studio or Pro tower owner. These are the only computer systems that Apple sells which don't include an iSight webcam or even a built-in microphone for that matter. As such, a quality, external Mac compatible webcam with mic is a smart buying choice for desktop Mac owners who want to kill two birds with one stone.

Best Webcam For Mac mini Under $100
Premium Webcam From Logitech

Hi Frame Rates : Stereo Microphones

The vast majority of web cameras sold these days, like the best-selling Logi C922, already feature built-in stereo microphones, so finding a Mac mini webcam with one isn't hard. But a few don't such as the ElGato FaceCam, The eCamm Cubie, HuddlyGo, and a few others. Most of the higher end HD cameras for Mac include dual stereo microphones on each side of the webcam's lens.

Best All-in-One Mac mini Web Camera

Stereo Speakers, 4 x Microphones, Light Bar

Above, the Anker B600 Video Bar webcam might be a luxury Mac mini webcam purchase but offers a noise cancelling microphone array, LED keylight and side-firing stereo speakers with a good Mac OSX software app to support all the camera's features.

Im my testing, most no-name, cheap import webcams are just that; Cheaply constructed with less than optical quality webcam lenses and sensors, and equally sub-par microphones as well. Some of these cheap $<30 cams had ok or so-so images and microphones that often sounded either muffled, harsh sounding, or hollow and thin. Cheap import webcams are proof that you get what you pay for when you seek out a dirt-cheap camera with built-in mic from the bargain bin. If your Mac mini webcam needs aren't demanding that might be 'good enough.'

Mac mini Conferencing Speakerphone Webcam

Speaker, Microphone Array and 1080p HD Camera

On better quality HD webcams from companies like Logitech, Creative Labs, HP and Microsoft we're seeing dual noise canceling stereo microphones built in to cameras for quality audio capture. Similar to what Apple is doing with directional 'Beam-Forming' mics in the recent MacBook Pros. Dual microphones can use differential voltage signals between the two mics to help with background noise and echo cancellation to give a clearer, cleaner video clip audio capture, or improve an Apple FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or voice conferencing experience.

A webcam with stereo microphone does add ambience and directionality, especially in multi-person chat. But because web cameras are small and the mics are placed rather close to each other on each side of the camera lens, the stereo separation is very subtle, not dramatic.

New! Webcams With Speakers Compatible With MacOS

Combo Mac Webcam With Speakers
A new range of Apple compatible combo web cameras with built-in speakers are hitting the market. In addition to built in microphones, they may have other additional features such as built in lighting, and/or webcam privacy shutters. Speaker webcams for Mac Studio, Mac Pro, or Mac mini desktops might be a perfect investment to add much needed audio and video capabilities to your Macintosh with one simple, smart purchase.

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar Conference Camera

Built-in Stereo Speakers, 4-Mic Array, Light Bar

• The Ankerwork B600 Videobar combines cam, speakers, microphone & lighting into the web camera.
• 4-microphone array on this video conferencing camera minimizes background noise.
USB-C webcam Interface for direct connection to modern Mac computers.
• Touch sensors for lighting adjustments and microphone mute.
• High-definition and low-distortion dual side-firing speakers. 2 Watts of spatial stereo sound.
• Professional quality, 2K HD resolution with true-to-life accurate color.
• AnkerWork webcam control software for OSX download at their website.

Mini Conferencing Speakerphone Webcam

Speaker, Microphone Array and 1080p HD Camera

Mac compatible combo webcams with peakers aren't unusual in higher-end group conferencing cameras for businesses. Here's some more affordable MacOS friendly, driver-free UVC compliant camera options for consumers that deliver both sound and video in a single device. Above is a cheaper alternative to Logi's ConferenceCam Connect. Below there's a cheap Mac compatible webcam with built-in stereo speakers.

ProVision ISR Speaker Webcam

Built-In Speakers, Mic, Privacy Shutter

And here's another stylish all-in-one mulfi-function combo speaker webcam for MacOS users on a budget.

Aluratek Speaker Mic Webcam For Mac

Stereo Speakers : 90 Degree FOV : Tripod Mount

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Logitech Webcam Capture App for MacOS

Mac Logitech Webcam Capture Software
Logitech released a webcam settings and capture app for MacOS called 'Logitech Capture'. It's predecessor is 'Logitech Camera Settings' for OSX is still available for download from it's support site. Capture was one of their more ambitious efforts to support an increasingly broader range of capture and streaming features for it's more recent Mac compatible pro and streaming webcams on the Apple platform. Moving forward, Logitech Capture software development has ended. Existing versions that work up to MacOS Big Sur can still be downloaded, but will not be updated for MacOS Montery and beyond!

All future webcam device control is being integrated into their new MacOS "G Hub" app for consumers, and into the "Tune" app for their business conferencing products. Visit their support page to download the new capture and webcam settings app appropriate to your specific hardware.

Currently Supported Logi Webcams On Mac OSX:

Capture App Quick Feature Hitlist:
Muti-Camera Support. Picture In Picture. Text Overlays, Frames, Effects, Camera Adjustments, Chroma-Key and more.

Apple System/Hardware Requirements:
MacOS 10.14+ (Mojave / Catalina). Computer hardware recommendations are rather stiff: Higher powered Intel i5/i7 CPUs - Generally Mac's made 2017 and thereafter. It's unknown how well (or if) the webcam app runs on older MacOS versions, or on slower Macs.

Logi Capture Software Mac Download:
You can find more info about the Mac webcam application and Logitech Capture app's features - as well as links to download here. If you own other models of their cameras you can always download and try it to see if it will work with your particular Logi webcam model.

4 Best HD Webcams For Live Streaming On A Mac

Best Live Streaming Webcam For MacOS
Shopping for a high-quality HD webcam for live streams and conference sessions? Here's 4 of the best Mac compatible Hi-Def web camera options for streaming and online teleconferences that deliver superior clarity, good light response and color accuracy. If you host Skype, Google, OBS, Zoom or YouTube live streams, you'll want to project the best image possible and stream at high frame rates.

Logitech StreamCam With USB-C Interface

Up To 60FPS At 1080P HD

Best Mac Compatible Wireless Streaming Camera

In a class by itself, controlling up to 3 wireless webcams from yoru Mac or iPhone is a content creator and streamers wildest dream come true. Read more about the Mevo Start Wi-Fi streaming camera at my blog post here and on the website.

Wireless Webcam For Mac OSX and iOS - Logi Mevo

Mac Webcam Streaming Over Wi-Fi or iOS Over Cellular

Best Mac Streaming Camera Under $100

Ask any seasoned teleconference host and many will say the Logitech C922 Stream Pro is the new number one choice. This top-quality premium webcam supports H.264 video compression and is optimized for streaming video at high frame-rates. A premium optical quality lens delivers exceptional image clarity. It far exceeds the color accuracy and sharpness of any Apple iSight camera that might be built into your MacBook, iMac or Apple Cinema Display. Dual microphones cancel echo and noise and deliver good audio response, though many live streaming hosts prefer a dedicated XLR or USB microphone for maximum audio quality.

Top Pick: Affordable Logitech Mac Streaming Camera

Full 1080p @ 30FPS - 720p @ 60FPS

The ideal high-def web cameras have some features in common that make for an ideal streaming Mac web camera choice:

  • USB Video Class - UVC Compatible With OSX 10.5+
  • 1080p or 4K HD Resolution Sensors
  • Optical Quality Glass Lenses
  • Onboard H.264 Video Compression
  • Smooth Webcam Autofocus
  • High-Quality Internal Microphones
  • Standard Camera Tripod Mount Hole

Comparable in video quality to Logitech's premium cameras, the Microsoft LifeCam Pro rivals the C922x with high-quality glass optics, clean sounding microphone, and tripod mount. Also notable is Microsoft's TrueColor technology for accurate color in a wide variety of lighting situations.

Another great choice: The Logitech C930e has an even higher megapixel camera sensor - and most notably - a wider-angle field of view (FOV) than most webcams. The 90 degree wide angle is perhaps best for those who have 2 or 3 people sitting side-by-side during a streaming video chat since it incorporates more of what's around you in the frame. Most other consumer webcams are in the 70-78 degree FOV range which is better suited for one person at close range.

For those wanting high-quality livestream broadcasts on a budget might consider the Logitech C615. This small, portable and folding webcam still delivers a superior HD image, has an optical quality glass lens, and a single high-quality microphone element with built-in noise reduction. At a price around $45 USD, it's an excellent value. Although it doesn't have H.264 compression, with good webcam lighting it offers smooth, high frame rate streams.

Although all of these live stream friendly webcam's feature an adjustable mounting clip, you should really take advantage of these webcam's tripod mounting hole for stability and precision placement and angles of your Skype, LiveFire, Google Hangout or YouTube Live teleconferencing session. Low-cost desktop mini-tripods are popular with streaming IM'ers, but depending on your setup, a full-size floor tripod or a desk mounted boom camera arm may be preferable.

Mac Compatible Logi USB-C Web Camera

Shopping for an Apple compatible webcam with a native USB-C type connector for your Thunderbolt 3 capable MacBook or Macintosh desktop system? The Logitech StreamCam is a quality 1080p Mac compatible HD web camera with several unique features for your video capture, conference or streaming needs.

Logitech Webcam With USB-C Interface

Streaming Camera For Thunderbolt 3 Macs

Logitech's StreamCam delivers full HD 1080P at up to 60fps for a great streaming experience. The webcam connects to your Mac via USB-C for fast, reliable connections. The integrated StreamCam cable uses a native USB Type-C connection to ensure efficient video transfer speeds on modern Macs with USB 3.x ports.

Smart Auto-Focus & exposure delivers accurate lighting, color and sharp focus. There's also dual microphone elements for high quality audio capture during your video and streaming sessions.

A unique feature is optional vertical video in full HD. You can rotate the StreamCam 90° to change to portrait mode and create videos vertically optimized for smartphones if desired.

A versatile mounting option allows using either the monitor clip or a standard tripod mount to help you achieve the perfect camera angle.

Logitech Capture software for MacOS is available to capture. create and share content with ease. Compatible with Mac OSX 10.14 or above on systems with an I7 Intel core processor.

Mac Compatible Selfie Ring Light Web Cameras

A new category of webcams featuring an integrated ring light are hitting the market. The first, the Razer Kiyo ringlight webcam, had some initial audio problems with it's built-in microphone, making it a suboptimal choice for MacOS users. However, there's now some competition in Apple compatible web camera's with selfie lights built-in such as these cheaper ones from more generic webcam manufacturers: Check out the Anker B600 combo Mac USB-C webcam with stereo speakers, quad microphones, LED light bar and 1080p 2K camera is an excellent choice for Mac mini or the new M1 Mac Studio desktop computers. But if that's too rich for your budget, consider the knock-off Zechin Studio USB-C all-in-one combo webcam or one of the very affordable LED ringlight cams below.

Mac Friendly Web Camera With Ring-Light Built-In

Webcam With 3 Adjustable Light Brightness Settings

Below, a touch sensitive button on the front of the webcam's face adjusts between 3 brightness levels for the ringlight feature for optimal lighting levels for your selfie stills or video capture. It's location may not be ideal though as touching the camera head to adjust brightness can all too easily bump it out of alignment.

Spedal RingLight Webcam

3-Level Brightness Touch Control
Apple App Store Webcam Download Available

Note these OSX 10.6+ compatible1080p HD autofocus webcams include a built-in microphones, H.264 video compression and a standard thread tripod camera mount hole in the clip base for those who'd prefer the stability and positioning control tripods can give you.

MacOS Catalina Compatible Webcams

Webcams For Mac Catalina OS
As Apple delivers its MacOS 10.15 Catalina operating system, many folks will be shopping for an external webcam compatible with MacOS Catalina. Or, they may be wondering if their existing USB web camera will function properly under the latest version of OSX.

The UVC - USB Video Class device specification is firmly entrenched in the low-level software code of all major operating systems: Not just OSX, but Windows, Linix and Android OS as well. As such we expect that vast majority of more recent UVC compatible web cameras to work on the 10.15 version of Catalina MacOS without a hitch.

If there's any quirks about MacOS Catalina webcam compatibility, we'll note it on this website. As more app developers and end users deploy their webcams under the Beta and full release of Catalina we'll be sure to hear of particular cameras that exhibit any problems or issues.

There may be much older web cameras with outdated UVC device implementations that aren't up to snuff and may be problematic for use on MacOS Catalina, However most modern webcams should work on a Macs running Catalina just fine.

Refurbished Mac Compatible Logitech Webcam Deals

Shopping for a deal and the best price on a Mac compatible Logitech HD web camera? Consider buying a MacOS friendly Certified Refurbished Logitech Webcam to save big on their most popular external USB webcam devices.

Refurb Logitech C310 Webcam

Best 720p HD Cheap Mac Webcam

Depending on the model and street price, you can typically save $10 USD and often more by buying an inspected, tested and factory recertified and fully warranted refurb. Amazon tends to have a good refurbished selection of most of Logitech's current personal and group video conferencing cams on any given day. Click the link above to see their current selection.

Pro Mac Webcam With Built-In Ring Light

Shopping for a Mac compatible webcam with built-in right light and more? Marantz is shipping a unique all-in-one professional web camera and microphone solution that also includes dimmable LED ring lighting, onboard audio and video controls, as well as a built-in USB 3.0 hub for additional devices.

Mac Compatible Ring Light Webcam With Mic

Marantz Pro Video & Audio Broadcasting Solution

For those into serious online voice and video conferencing, Skype, streaming, broadcasting, recording and more; the Marantz Turret Pro broadcast system is a unique Mac compatible peripheral that can consolidate much of your Apple computer AV setup into a single device. An autofocus 1080p driver-free UVC compliant web camera assures instant Mac OSX compatibility and is surrounded by a dimmable ring light. Snap-on filters are included for tweaking the ringlight's 3000K-7000K color temperature range to your liking.

On the audio front, the Marantz Turret broadcaster for Mac also incorporates a high-quality polar-pattern condenser microphone with pop filter. There are onboard controls to activate, mute, and control mic gain. A 1/8"/3.5mm amplified audio out jack for headphones assures realtime monitoring.

The webcam ring light microphone device houses a native Type-C USB-C connection, making it one of the few Mac webcams (like the 4K Logitech Brio) that offers the option of direct USB-C to USB-C connectivity for modern MacBooks, iMacs and Mac minis with Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. But it also works on older Mac's with conventional USB ports. There's also two conventional rectangular USB 3.0 Type-A ports integrated into the web camera's base to use as a hub for your other desktop gadgets.

Best External HD Webcams for iMac

Shopping for an external USB web camera for iMac video capture and conferencing sessions? The best webcam for iMac depends on your intended uses. Though most Apple iMac desktop computers have an iSight or iSight HD webcam built-in to the display housing, you may be frustrated by the limited positioning and angles possible, or the iSight's less than stellar image quality.

Top Pick: Logitech Stream Pro

720p @ 60FPS - Full 1080p @ 30FPS

Currently, the latest and best selling Apple compatible webcam for iMacs is Logitech's Logitech C922 Stream Pro. It's revised circuitry allows higher frame-rates than previous generations of their 9XX series webcams for exceptionally smooth video -- even when there's a lot of motion being captured. It's predecessor, the Logitech C920 is still a great external iMac webcam choice, especially at it's now lower street price.

Logitech C920 Webcam

High Quality : Great Value

For some, the best iMac compatible webcams to consider will have a standard tripod mounting hole built into the camera's base to allow the use of a floor, desktop or gooseneck tripod for optimal camera angles and positioning. Even if you just perch the external USB HD webcam atop an iMac's display bezel, you'll still have more control to tilt and pivot over the cam's position than you would with the built in iSight.

Mac Compatible Webcam Reviews : 10 Year Anniversary

For over a decade, has steadfastly tracked the Apple compatible web camera market. In the 1990's and early 2000's, Mac webcam compatibility was exceedingly rare and rather iffy. There were few choices that worked on a Macintosh. The vast majority of cams were Windows ONLY, and each camera needed specific software written for the sensor inside it. Back in the OS8, OS9 and OSX days, Apple's market-share wasn't big enough for many webcam manufacturers to even bother writing driver software for them. It sucked!

So, MacGizmoGuy figured that maybe the emerging voice and video conferencing scene on the Macintosh needed an ally and a Mac webcam reviews site to monitor the technology and help the use of VOIP, voice, video and teleconferencing slowly explode into the pervasive collaborative computing technology it is today. Thanks to all those who've visited or linked to this site as an online resource over all these years!