Apple Compatible Huddle Room Camera Recommendations

Mac Compatible Huddle Cameras

There's a couple of key players in the videoconferencing huddle scene. Most notable is Logitech with a diverse range of products, but also Apple friendly huddling peripherals are available from Aver Media, HuddleCam and others. Most huddle webcams are highly compatible with MacOS, but there are instances where select features may be limited to Windows or Android support, or have other quirks, limitations, or gotchas.

Mac Compatible ConferenceCam Connect

With Bluetooth And HDMI Video Display Support

Mac Huddle Room Microphones

Most huddle cams have high quality built-in microphones. Many include two or more in a microphone array that uses DSP Digital Signal Processing in it's hardware to pinpoint the currently active speaker and perform ambient noise reduction and echo cancellation. Depending on the size of your group, support for additional table-top mics might be needed. For Mac setups we recommend digital USB conference mics, some of which support plugging in additional analog extension mics using a 1/8" 3.5mm connector. Some cameras have built-in speakers to perform full-duplex speakerphone functions.

Affordable HuddleCam HD Go For Mac

Camera + Speaker + Microphone

Mac Huddle Room CPU Requirements

The Macintosh computer you choose to use affects many aspects of your huddle conferencing experience. HD 720p and especially 1080p conferencing requires fast CPU speeds. Manufacturer's typically recommend 2.1GHz or faster Intel CPU's - something that lower end Mac mini or Apple MacBook Air computers may lack. Temper your expectations if you're using underpowered Mac systems. Although modern Macs have Turbo-Mode to temporarily ramp up CPU clock speeds, running hot and more fan noise indicate a CPU that's being overtaxed.

Mac Huddle Room Monitors

Any decent huddle space will likely have a large television or computer display. Depending on the Macintosh desktop or MacBook laptop you're using, you may need a Thunderbolt or USB-C video adapter and long HDMI cable to drive it. For small groups, a high-end iMac or iMac Pro might be a workable solution - although only using a built-in iSight camera and microphone may be far from ideal.

Huddle Room Network Connectivity

Depending on your huddling environment, there can be a lot of variables in the network acess your huddle space has. Hard-wired direct ethernet connections are the most optimal. Wireless can be quite workable, but available bandwidth might vary if many devices around your home office or company are competing for it.

The caliber of internet service you have matters too. For small biz or home offices you might want to opt for higher-tier bandwidth internet packages. If using wireless, you may need high-end dual-band routers to assure plenty of available bandwidth for high-definition video and voice conferences.

Huddle Space Lighting Considerations

It should be noted that ALL cameras of any sort require decent lighting. Good room lighting is critical for high frame-rates and far too many conference rooms are far from optimal. Many lack any windows or natural light. Often overhead flourescent light is often the only directional source and can result in unnatural color.

Manufacturer Sites

Logitech, Aver, HuddleCam