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Logitech Webcam Control Software For MacOS

 Logitech OSX Compatible Webcam
Like many apps written by vendors for their own hardware, the Logitech Camera Settings webcam software for Mac is "offically" only for specific HD camera models. Developers are able to code their apps to poll for the presence of specific USB devices by VENDOR ID: and Product ID: codes as the app launches. Some may quit or pop up an incompatibility alert if the proper hardware is not detected. That said, it costs nothing to download the Mac Logitech Camera Settings or it's new live streaming Capture webcam software app, install it, plug in your Logitech camera and give it a try to see if your particular Mac and camera model works with it.

Mac Logitech Webcam App

OSX Compatible Logitech Camera app
NOTE: Logitech has removed it's Webcam Settings app from the Apple App Store. You'll have to go to Logitech's Support pages, identify your product and look for available downloads on a model-by-model specific basis.

If you're running OSX 10.7+ and own more recent Logitech HD camera models, you can download a free Mac Logitech webcam settings software camera app for image adjustment functions in any video capable Mac OSX app.

Judging by my testing and comments in the review section, it apparently does work with a wider range of Logitech HD web cameras besides the short-list of officially supported models. Note though, it's very dependent on the model as to which features and adjustments (if any) are supported. On most cams: Zoom, Pan and Tilt, Image Sharpness and (possibly) Autofocus can be controlled in one pane. Webcam image adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and White-Balance are set in another. "Offically", these cams are "supported":
  • ConferenceCam CC3000e
  • ConferenceCam Connect
  • GROUP Videoconferencing System
  • PTZ Pro Camera
  • Pro Webcam Ultra Wide Angle HD Webcam
  • Webcam C930e
  • Webcam C922 Stream Pro
  • Webcam 4K Pro / Brio

  • Personally, I can vouch the app also works with the C510, C525 and C920 models which I personally own.

    Older Logitech Webcam Software For Mac Image & Video Capture

    As mentioned on the Mac Webcam Drivers page, a few years back Logitech released an Apple compatible webcam utility for OSX called 'Logitech Webcam Software' that allowed grabbing video stills and clips on a limited range of their 720p and 1080p webcam models. Specifically: The C270, C310, C510, C615, and C910 (Consumer) and B910 (Business) cameras. It's a handy utility to have but is VERY model-specific and hasn't been updated since 2011 and is stuck at version 2.2. It does NOT include detection of and support for more recent HD Logitech webcam models like the C920 or C930e. It's still available directly from Logitech's C910 webcam software support page.

    Skype Plugin For Mac Logitech Conference Cams

    OSX Skype Plugin For Logitech
    A growing number of Logitech's Mac compatible group video conferencing cameras support call management buttons on both Skype for OSX and Microsoft LYNC for Windows. The BCC950, the new ConferenceCam Connect, and the high-end C3300e conferencing station all offer Call Answer and Termination functions from either the handheld remote control or the speakerphone base of the camera units - at least on Windows.

    To enable detection of the Answer/End buttons on a Mac, installation of an OSX compatible Skype Plug-In is required. You can find it in their Product Support > Downloads page. Which of the other group video conferencing camera models are supported is hard to ascertain because Logi's support site requires navigating by selecting a camera model FIRST.

    Skype Plug-In For Logitech Mac USB Headsets

    Select USB headsets with Skype call management buttons and connection status LED integrated into the cable can be found on products like the Logitech H570e mono and stereo headsets. Confusingly, the Macintosh Skype driver for Apple's OSX is called 'Skype PC Plugin' on Logitech's download page. Clicking the 'Details' link reveals compatibiility with OSX 10.8.x, 10.9.x - and likely - 10.10/x Yosemite and ElCapitan. FYI: Only a few other headset companies like Andrea and Plantronics provide similar plug-ins for Mac Skype call handling on certain models which include Answer/End buttons on the USB cable's inline control. Without OSX software written specifically for the call management button(s), pressing it will have no effect.

    Mac Logitech Webcam Software For Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

    OSX Logitech Broadcaster applet
    Logitech's Broadcaster is a very unique Mac compatible wireless Wi-Fi webcam that has it's own dedicated Logitech camera software for Mac OSX users. It's software suite allows you review your camera and interact with the audience when streaming live to Ustream or other supported Mac video chat apps. You can also record HD video and switch between the Broadcaster and a second external USB or built-in Apple iSight web camera simultaneously as well as manage the Broadcaster's camera preferences and network settings. Currently at software version 3.3, the 'Logitech Broadcaster' application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7.x, 10.8.x, and 10.9.x. There's also an accompanying iOS app to remotely monitor the Broadcaster with your iPhone or iPad.

    Logitech Alert Camera Software For Mac OSX

    Mac Logitech Alert App
    Logtech also has a line of ALERT security cameras that were initially for Windows users ONLY. Recently however, they have finally provided Mac OSX support for Alert cameras with it's app; 'Alert Commander' for Macintosh users. It allows you to configure, control, monitor and record surveillance video from up to 6 of Logitech's cameras. There's also iOS and Android apps for monitoring from your iPhone or iPad available.

    While Mac OSX support for Logitech ALERT cameras is a good thing, it arrives somewhat late to the game. Perhaps the biggest issue isn't with Logitech camera software support - but by how expensive the various indoor / outdoor / night vision cameras are. There's a very competitive market for Mac OS and Apple iOS wireless security cameras that are a half to one-third the price of Alert cams.

    Logitech BEMO Cam Software For IOS

    OSX Logitech Bemo App
    Although technically not a 'webcam', Logitech's BEMO clip-on personal video camera may be a useful adjunct for your online video-sharing needs such as uploads you Vine, YouTube, Periscope or Meerkat. The app for IOS v7 or later allows you to edit, trim and tweak video clips - and then socially share them with ease.