Use HDMI As A Web Camera

Best Apple Compatible Webcam Capture Devices

Shopping for the best Macintosh compatible USB 3.X HDMI capture devices for use as a Mac webcam source. MacBooks, the Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Studio and Mac mini desktops make ideal computers for 1080p HD 4K UHD video capture and online streaming at high frame-rates.

Best-Selling Webcam HDMI Capture Card For Mac OSX

The Macintosh compatible Elgato Cam Link 4K is the best-selling external HDMI camera capture device for MacOS. You can stream and record using your DSLR, TV, camcorder or action cam as a Mac webcam in up to 1080p60, 4K30 resolutions for broadcating, gaming, recording or video chat. Works with OBS, Twitch, Zoom, Skype, Teams, and any other video-aware Mac OSX app that allows you to select an external camera as an avaiailable video source device.

Turn Any HDMI Source Into A Mac Webcam

High Definition 1080p@60FPS & 4K@30FPS Support

Best Mac Compatible HDMI Capture Box For Macs

For even higher frame-rates, El Gato's HD60 S+ capture box is the best solution for ultra high rez capture and broadcasting at extremely low latency.

Low-Latency 60 FPS HDR10 Quality

Zero-Lag Pass-Thru HDMI Port

Lower Cost HDMI Webcam Capture Box For Mac OS

For web camera capture and streaming on a Mac well below $100 USD price points, the Pyle PLink1 capure box is a full featured, stylish aluminum gadget to compliment your Macintosh setup.

Pyle PLink1 HD Video Capture

HDMI Pass-Thru + Headphone & Mic Ports

Cheapest USB-C OS X HDMI Capture Dongle For Mac OS X

Here's the cheapest Mac video converter to turn any HDMI equipped camcorder, TV, DLSR or action cam into a Mac UVC compatible webcam device at 4K or 1080p. Native USB-C connector with Type-A adaptor for old or new USB 3.0 / Thunderbolt 3 Apple Macintosh systems.

Low Cost Web Camera Capture

USB-C Plug with USB-A Adapter

Mac Webcam Apps For HD Capture Cards

As mentioned above, nearly any current video capture, streaming or conferencing app that runs on Mac OSX will allow you to use an HDMI Out equipped gadget to act as a USB Video Class UVC device and appear as a Mac compatible webcam in the video app's Source selector. No drive software is required. Just plug everthing in and go.

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