HD USB-C Interface Web Cameras

Best Apple Compatible USB-C Web Cameras

The trend in Macintosh compatible webcams is towards incorporating high-speed USB-C interfaces into top-tier web cameras. Higher resolution 4K Ultra HD using 8MP and higher camera sensors are very demanding data streams. Apple has incorporated Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports into all MacBooks, the Mac Pro, Mac Studio, iMac and Mac mini desktops make them ideal computers for Ultra HD 4K video capture and online streaming at high frame-rates. This new generation of uncompressed 1080p Hi-Def and 4K data streams need USB 3.x port bandwidth that an entire generation of USB 2.0 webcams prior didn't need.

2 & 4K UHD Webcams With USB-C For Mac

Here are 2 and 4K sensor web cameras with a native USB-C port on the back for optimal connection directly to any modern Mac's Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.

Anker All-in-One USB-C Webcam For Mac

Microphone + Stereo Speakers + LED Key Light
Mac OSX Webcam Control App Available

Lumina 4K Mac Compatible USB-C Webcam

MacOS Camera Control Software Download

Logitech Brio 4K USB-C Webcam For Mac

Logi Capture or GHub Control App Download

Above, the Anker B600 combo Mac USB-C webcam with stereo speakers, microphones, LED light bar and 1080p 2K camera is an excellent choice for Mac mini or the new M1 Mac Studio desktop computers.

1080p HD USB-C Compatible Mac Webcams

For assured, smooth capture up to 60 frames per second over USB-C, these 1080p webcams all have USB-C ports on the back of the camera.

Logi 1080p USB-C StreamCam

USB-C 60 FPS+1080p

ElGato USB-C Face Cam HD

1080p 60 FPS HD Video - No Mic
Camera Hub Software for MacOS 11+

Razer Kyio Pro USB-C Interface Webcam

Uncompressed 1080p 60FPS

USB-C Wired or Wi-Fi Wireless Camera

Primarily a camera for live wireless streaming and capture over WiFi, the Mevo Start can also be directly connected to a Mac via it's USB-C interface for wired video capture and conferencing.

Wireless or USB-C Webcam

Logi 1080p Mevo Live Streaming Cam

Cheap Mac Friendly USB-C Web Cameras

The low-cost Zechin C93 USB-C all-in-one combo webcam offers a similar feature set to the AnkerWork B600 USB-C Video Bar, but skimps in a few specifications. 2 instead of 4 microphone array, no AI hardware auto-framing feature. There's only a single internal speaker driver. It's LED light bar doesn't offer color temperature control. While the hardware is fully Mac compatible, it lacks a MacOS webcam settings and control app like Anker provides.

Zechin 5-in-1 USB-C Speaker Webcam

Selfie Light, Speaker, Mic, Cam, Privacy Shutter

With higher 3840x2160 resolution, broad adoption of 4K sensors have lowered webcam costs and we're starting to see cheaper Ultra-HD 4K webcams with USB-C for Mac beginning to slide below $100 USD price points.

Mac Webcam Apps For USB-C Cams

All the above cameras support the UVC - USB Video Class webcam standard, so they all have basic functionaliity via low-level drivers built into MacOS. For full control over the camera's features, manufacturers like Lumina, El Gato, Anker and Logitech offer support for camera control via Mac OSX apps available at their support site download pages.