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Mac Web Camera Tripod Recommendations

With the majority of Apple compatible webcams now (finally) including a tripod mounting hole stardard, stable floor or desktop camera placement and positioning can be assured. Some tripods even offer iPhone clamps or LED lighting modules to optimally suit any video conferencing, capture or live streaming environment.

Floor Tripods And Camera Stands

For rock solid video camera placement and positioning, a full-size floot standing tripod or stand may be optimal.

Desk Mount Camera Arms

Instead of a tripod proper, desk clamp camera, microphone or light mounts with folding armatures or flexible goosenecks can give you the placement and proximity you need without taking up floor space.

Multi-Function Tripods

Sometimes a single-headed tripod isn't enough. A dual function tripod or stand that supports and positions both a camera or iPhone, or a microphone or light bar is called for.

Gooseneck Webcam Tripod With LED Ring Light

USB Powered Adjustable Color & Brightness

Portable Mini-Tripods

For assurance of a stable Mac webcam mount location, or for positioning control, a compact and portable mini tripod can provide solid camera placement, then fit in a briefcase or your MacBook laptop bag's storage pocket. Both stiff leg and bendable leg mini-tripods are available.

Integrated Ringlight Webcam Mounts

Kill two birds with one stone by choosing your Mac web camera's tripod with an integral ring lighting system.

The above Amazon widget shows a varied selection and sampling of webcam video lighting products to improve and optimize your Macintosh video chat, live streaming and capture sessons.

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