Web Camera Security Covers

Mac Webcam Privacy Accessories

Whether it's security for an external USB web camera or for a built-in Apple iSight camera in your MacBook Air / Pro or iMac, some users will have an interest in a Mac friendly webcam privacy cover of some sort. These web camera covers can be used as needed when you want to insure your cam can't surrepticiously spy on you.

Mac Compatible Webcams With Built-In Privacy Shutters

A few select models of Apple compatible UVC compliant external webcams for Mac OS feature an integrated flip or sliding privacy shutter.

Premium Mac Webcam With Privacy Cover

Built-In Slding Lens Shield

One example is Logitech's C925 conference camera wit a thumb slider atop the cameras housing. Others such as the popular Logitech C920S ('S' stands for Security) include a plastic clip-on cover that flips up or down to cover the lens when desired.

Many lesser brand 3rd-party webcams are now including a security slider or flip cover as well since the plastic part cost only pennies to manufacture. They're becoming standard equipment.

Amcrest Mac Compatible Webcam

With Flip Down Privacy Shield

Low-Cost Webcam With Security Shutter

Sliding Camera Lens Cover

Types Of Web Camera Covers:

Sliders: Sliding Shutter
Clip-On: Flip-Up-or-Over Privacy
Stick-On: Press-on adhesive 'Dots' to cover lens

Mac Webcam Spying Risks

How much of a REAL threat does the prospect of being spied upon by your Apple web camera really pose to the average user? Not much. The typical Macintosh user is usually quite aware of if or when they launch a video capable app on their MacOS system. MacOS warns users about apps not purchased through the Apple App Store or downloaded elsewhere.

There is the possibility that some malicious spy software has been inadvertantly installed on your Mac that might try to hijack your webcam or microphone to try to record video or audio without your knowledge. It may be unlikely, but a stick-on cover for webcam security might help put your mind at ease.

With a built-in iSight - and it's accompanying LED - you can be made visually aware your camera is in use by it's glow. Some but not all Apple compatible external USB webcams have an active LED in it's face to indicate in-use status. With microphones, you usually won't have an indication whether your audio is being recorded or not.