Mactaris Web Camera Settings Apps

Mac Webcam Settings Software From Mactaris

Apple software developer Mactaris has delivered an excellent suite of OSX programs for controlling both Apple iSight cameras as well as dozens and dozens of 3rd-party MacOS compatible webcams that support the UVC USB Video Class device specification. In many ways, they've delivered what Apple has failed to do for twenty years; offer system level support for controlling a web camera's image from your Mac's Menu Bar - regardless of which video conferencing or capture app you're using.

Four Mac Webcam Utilities From Mactaris

Apple Compatible Web Camera Utility Programs
  • Webcam Settings - For 3rd-Party and Apple Webcam Control
  • Sight Control - For Internal iSight Cameras
  • Orbit Command - For Logitech Orbit Pan/Tilt-Zoon Control
  • iVision - For External Apple iSight FireWire Cameras

Mactaris Webcam Settings is a highly recommenced and affordable choice for BOTH iSight and iSight HD cameras in any Apple MacBook, iBook, iMac or Apple Cinema Display - as well as any of the many 3rd-party Apple compatible USB 2.0 recommended HD webcams featured on this site that you might prefer to use. Apple App Store price: $7.99 USD. Depending on the camera you own and it's specific hardware supported features, you'll have varying degrees of real-time control over image brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc., as well as pan and digital zoom, and more -- all easily accessible from atop your Menu Bar. It works with ANY webcam enabled videochat or capture app like PhotoBooth, FaceTime, Skype, Apple Messages - iChat AV, QuickTime Capture, and more.

Mac Webcam App From Mactaris
Although it doesn't offer some of the silly and special Mac webcam effects that Ecamm's iGlasses app for OSX does, it's about a third the price yet delivers most, if not more of the same camera control and image adjustment features.

Mactaris Sight Control is strictly for more control over the INTERNAL iSight or iSight HD web camera built into your iMac, MacBook, or Cinema Display. It costs less than their Webcam Settings app, but does NOT support external USB Mac compatible webcams that may be plugged in. Apple App Store price for Sight Control: $4.99 USD.

Similarly, Mactaris iVision is specifically written for those who still use an EXTERNAL FireWire connected Apple iSight camera - and tailored for it's 640x480 VGA resolution. Apple App Store price for iVision: $4.99 USD.

Mactaris Orbit Command is written for control over a very specific and now discontinued model of Logitech camera. The Orbit, which featured mechanical Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions in it's motorized camera head, never received official OSX software support from Logitech. It's now provided by Mactaris with an Apple App Store price for Orbit Command: $9.99 USD. The Orbit was popular in the Windows world and you can still find them new in box, refurbished or used. Mactaris provides the missing piece of the puzzle for Mac OS users. Note that the Orbit camera has since been superceeded by the currently shipping Logitech BCC950 Mac Compatible Conferencing Cam with Remote Control and Speakerphone base - which IS supported on MacOS by Logitech. However, Mactaris' webcam utility for OSX will give you even more control over it, and is highly recommended for BCC950 owners.

Lastly, it should be mentioned iMovie Enabler is a free utility available directly from the Mactaris website for buyers of the Webcam Settings App: The two work in tandem to allow iMovie '11 to see and record directly from an externally connected UVC compliant web camera. May be handy for some users frustrated by Apple's decision to limit iMovie's choice of camera compatibility.