Apple WiFi Surveillance & Security Cameras

Mac Compatible Wireless Web Cameras

Shopping for a Macintosh and Apple compatible wireless security webcam for home or business? Certain Apple computer users needing remote monitoring and surveillance capabilities are in the market for IOS and OSX compatible wireless camera products that are easy to install and configure.

Recommended Wireless Cameras For Mac OSX & IOS

Here's a couple of WiFi connected wireless cameras of note that play nice with Apple computer laptops, desktops and IOS handheld devices. It's only recently that truly simple and easy to configure Apple-friendly wireless cameras have reached the market. Previously, far too many remote WiFi security cams required complex camera setup procedures and deep-dives into your wireless router configurations that frustrated even the most geeky Macintosh users.

Best-Selling Wireless Webcams For Mac

Here's a sampling of the top three WiFi connected surveillance cameras available: Click to learn more.    
Versatile WiFi CameraRemote Monitoring Cam
Logitech Broadcaster Cam

Apple OSX & IOS Support
SimpliCam HD

Internal Mic + Speaker

Logitech Broadcaster WiFi Camera For Mac : Of the three cameras featured above the Broadcaster is the most versatile and functions as BOTH a Mac compatible video conferencing webcam that works with all the most popular online chat and video capture apps for OSX -- as well as a remote monitoring cam that works well with Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone for remote monitoring needs. It can also work in conjunction with your existing external USB Mac webcam or built-in iSight to provide multi-camera switching abilities to your Skype or FaceTime conferencing sessions - or allow switching web camera views during video capture.

DropCam Pro For IOS and OSX : This is a 2nd generation wireless security and remote monitoring camera that offers the easiest cam setup to date, often in 1 minute or less. Additional weatherproofing accessories are available for outdoor use as well. It features both audio and video functions as well as infrared night-time mode for 24 surviellance. While usable out of the box for realtime monitoring, be aware a DVR subscription is required to store and review footage, an added expense and turn-off for many users.

The SimpliCam For Mac or IOS offers easy setup from a mobile device, 2-way talk, 720p HD day and night-vision operation. Like the DropCam, cloud-based video storage requires an ongoing subscription via Closeli for packages ranging from $5 to $23 a month depending on how many days of recorded video you want stored. Motion detection and face recognition features can also notify you in realtime of activity in the area you're monitoring. You can buy the camera with 1 year of 1 day recording service included at the time of purchase.

Software For Wireless Camera Monitoring And Operation

Depending on the camera, you'll likely be able to download a wireless webcam IOS app (or Andriod program) for remote monitoring and interacting with your WiFi cam on the go.

Any number of popular OSX apps that have been around for years are also likely to work with a WiFi wireless security cam on your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop system.

Many wireless Mac security cams feature web browser based connectivity allowing you to monitor your camera(s) from any platform that supports web browsing with Chrome, FireFox or Safari.

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